With your own unique handbag, you can choose perfectly matching accessories to your unique handbag. You will never find anywhere else such a beautiful pouch, spectacle case, bracelet or wallet that is entirely in the same color, material and design as your handbag.

“Made with enthusiasm from passion and craftsmanship that are the handbags that Monique makes specifically for you! A great creative & spontaneous woman! Thanks Monique, I am super happy with my butterfly handbag. – Birgit Nijsten “


Another advantage about having a handbag made is that it's also
great fun To choose handy accessories. Completely in style,
material and color of your handbag. Where do you find that?
These spectacle cases, for example can be made entirely from the
same leather of your handbag.
The model is based on the Ray-Ban spectacle case and fit most


These cases are very useful to hold your pens, scissors, glue or
chargers etc. and fit into your handbag. Of course, made of the same
materials and colors of the handbag.
Dimensions are 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches


brillenkokerspennenetuis kleuren

If you have a lot of small items, it is useful to have one small bag
in the same leather as your handbag. For example for your pens
and cords or cards and lipstick. The possibilities are endless.
It is always possible to have such bag made afterwards, but it is
better to do this immediately to assure use of the same material.


The most recent hit! A leather apron for the kitchen, the BBQ
or perhaps your own restaurant or other business. Do you have a
chocolate shop, are you a barista or hairdresser, with a HIP apron
you are really hip. Tough for men in black or brown leather or
very feminine in, for example, pink? These are the basic design
aprons, but of course, I’ll make what’s most practical for you.
Contact me to discuss possibilities.


klein tasje zebraLeren schort bruin heren

This small handbag can also be called a phone bag. It is big enough
to fit your phone, some cards (separate compartment) and keys cord.
You can wear this around your waist with the adjustable strap. Very
handy if you want to have your hands free and yet your most
important take things with you without cramming your handbags.


armbanden voor dames en herenTelefoontasjes

Besides a lot of accessories, you can also have a matching bracelet
made. For the bracelets I use proven solid clasps.
Two sizes, 0.6 inch and 1.2 inch width